I'm a French web-developer currently based in Italy

That's me in the Sahara with my Big'n t-shirt


Technologies I work with

  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • React / NextJS
  • Vue / Nuxt
  • SCSS / styled-components

Companies I work(ed) for

Stuffs I like

  • Music 🎸
  • Culture, letterature, cinema 🎬
  • Nature, riding a bike and walk in the mountains 🏔
  • Ecological ideas, sostenability 🌱

Professional path

Although nowadays I write code most of the time, I did not study anything related to computer science! In fact, I studied literature and art at high school and university in France, and I worked for a few years in the cultural sector. It's not always obvious, but I never regret that choice and I find that it gives me more strength when facing my day to day challenges. When I moved to Turin, Italy, a year of-taking on small jobs forced me to change my approach and consider working in another sector. While waiting for invariably negative answers from job offers, I started studying the foundations of HTML and CSS. At first, it felt like a game, something of a pastime. After a few weeks, I realized that I had stumbled across something that I really liked and that it really could be my future job. Coding was like reliving the joy of building cool things with Lego. Except maybe that with Lego you don't have to struggle with Webpack config 😄 I began studying coding every day at home. I found a job in the IT sector, but it wasn't as a developer yet. So I kept studying, and after a year I was across the base of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, just enough to build a something real!

Back in early 2017, a friend that I met doing radio shows in France told me that he had long been considering creating a personal portfolio for his photos. So with my freshly developed skills, I decided to grant my friend his wish and spent a considerable amount of time building Skiagraphie, my first complete website. When I look at the code now, I don't know whether I should laugh or cry, but as everyone knows, first love never dies, so I can look beyond its blemishes! Above all it, having Skiagraphie complete and functional opened the door for me to work as a front-end developer for Reply.

I started to work with AngularJS (1.5, before Typescript...it's been ages!), Javascript ES6 and SCSS. Of course, I learned a lot of things, ranging from stupid to very useful, things like how to use Git or adjust a Webpack configuration, handle an API error response...everything that a front-end developer HAS to know to survive in the modern jungle.

In the meantime I embarked on a new personal project, a neverending travelblog, Carte de Voyages. The project includes three parts: a CMS for data-entry (at the moment it's written in AngularJS), a server with a REST API in ExpressJS, and of course a front-end part that I recently rewrote in Nuxt (VueJS). This project deserves its own blog post (that I will write someday), so I will just say that I learned an incalculable amount with this project, and it confirmed my desire to doing things the right way and to always take the better path, even if it's longer. Of course, I'm still a bit frustrated to not be able to show it, but that frustration pales in comparison to my appeciation for the lessons that it has given me so far.

Personal things

I love music and culture...But especially music! I can talk about it for hours, and I did as the host of a number of radio shows that are not maintained anymore. You can find some podcasts on this Mixcloud, or in this other one. My presentation is of course all in French, but the language of music is universal! Feel also free to take a look at my
Discogs wantlist (a vinyl is always a beautiful gift 😉)

I love to travel, and it's that love that spawned the idea for my travelblog. Unfortunately I don't get to do it as often as I would like, but I suppose that I would feel that way no matter what!

Oh and one other thing: I feel engaged by the ideas of ecological living and so I work on making sustainable choices and doing everything in my power to change things for a better, greener planet 😄